Ampthill Dental Practice

Family owned and family run, Ampthill Dental Practice is located in Georgian Market town of Ampthill, and owned by Miss K Saxby whilst being run by daughter Laura Doherty. Established for over 35 years, the practice has been using Software of Excellence for 10 years, but with a recent change of structure are looking to invest their time in the Challenge in order to get to know their business better and grow performance. Priding themselves on their core values of delivering dental care in a relaxed environment for the whole family, follow Laura and her team’s journey as they go from good to great.


Chair-time utilisation

uplift in average hourly earning



Recall Effectiveness

Un-booked time

reduction in FTAs


reduction in SNCs

new patients

increase in chair-time utilisation

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Month 4 - Making sure we achieve our UDA target


Being able to track our KPIs has allowed us to quantify our vital statistics rather than relying on our gut instincts, which was one of the reasons we took on the Good to Great Challenge and this month it has only reinforced the knowledge that it’s been a busy and productive month.

Over the next months as we approach the end of the financial year, making sure we achieve our UDA target will be essential. Going forward we are going to be using the new Care Manager feature in EXACT to ensure that all outstanding treatment is completed in a timely manner. 


Month 4 - Over the past few months the practice has achieved a great deal


Our focus over the past months has been to reduce our FTAs and short notice cancellations by sending automated reminders. Our short notice cancellations have improved by 8% and there has been 16% increase in our chair-time utilisation compared to the same time last year. Our constant focus on reducing our FTAs using automated text and e-mail reminders are slowly but surely having a positive impact as can be seen by a reduction in our FTA rate. 

Over the past few months the practice has achieved a great deal. We’ve welcomed three new members of staff including a new dentist. 


Month 1 - What are we hoping to achieve in the next 12 months?


SOE asked what we are hoping to achieve over the next 12 months and like any dentist I like lists so here is mine:

a)  More automated system which will enable us to reduce FTA’s and maximise surgery time allowing us to keep to our UDA target while expanding our private revenue without adding more burden to reception.  We want to free up reception time to be able to us to continue to give excellent quality customer service to all our valued patients. Everyone knows a practice without patients is just a building.

b)  Use the KPIs to become more aware of the vital statistics of the practice rather than just relying on gut instincts.

c)  Empowering all the members of the team to maximise the practice potential to grow from a good practice to a great practice!


Month 1 - Starting our journey!


We are a long standing, family run, mixed dental practice, established in Ampthill over 35 years ago. My mother has owned the practice for over 30 years and I have been a dentist here for 12 years. When I joined the team, one of the first things I did was computerise the practice choosing SOE, having used it as a VT. We already use many of the features of SOE including automated recalls and text reminders but there are always areas to improve on.

Dentistry is constantly changing and evolving and a dental practice business is no different. Over the past 6 months we’ve had a new associate join us, some members of staff retire and new team members join us and all these little changes have resulted in a slight downturn such as an increase in our FTA rates and decrease in our UDA productivity.


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