Dentist @ Perth

Located right in the heart of Perth, Dentist @ Perth's friendly, experienced dental team offer a range of dental services including teeth whitening, dental implants, active maintenance and prevention, anti-wrinkle treatment and lip fillers and emergency dental. They are currently working on rebranding the practice and transitioning into a whole new premises this year, with the aim of opening up an additional room with a full-time dentist. Practice Manager Megan La Reservee is excited about joining the challenge and the year ahead.



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Month 1 - What are we aiming to achieve?


From a practice manager's point of view, I felt like we needed to take advantage of the Good to Great Challenge to improve the practice overall, whilst also focusing on specific areas such as increasing patient numbers, improving recall efficiency, reducing white space. I am also aiming to learn about and utilise everything that EXACT has to offer, for example the use of automated short-notice lists. 


Are you ready to
take the challenge?