Smile Manchester

Smile Manchester are a mixed practice in the heart of Manchester. Practice Manager Michaela joined the practice in January 2017 along with three new partners to the business. Previously working on R4, Michaela and her team are keen to delve deeper into the practice data and are looking forward to finding out more about Software of Excellence's performance management capabilities.


chair-time utilisation

workflow compliance


reduction in un-booked time

FTA rate

Recall effectiveness


reduction in FTAs

Recall Effectiveness

workflow compliance

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Month 3 - Achieving 650% ROI with our new marketing campaign!


Three months into the Good to Great Challenge with Software of Excellence and we couldn't be happier with the software and the support which have received. In the past month we have gone ahead and started some promotional campaigns such as tooth whitening and implants. It was a slow start as the practice wasn't fulfilling their side of the job to capture the information such as selecting incorrect service items. SOE helped me get this back on track by offering support and highlighting where the practice was going wrong. After now making these changes, the success of the campaign was checked and highlighted a 650% profit!


Month 2 – Understanding our KPIs


We have now sent out our first campaign, which was a great success! We had over 50 replies for the tooth whitening promotion and we have also recently introduced ZOOM whitening to the practice.

Unfortunately some elements of our KPI report wasn't as good as we had hoped, and in the last 30 days we had 156.2 hours of failed appointment (a month’s work!). Work flow compliance is also poor and this has highlighted us to the fact the practice is not taking mobile numbers and emails, therefore we have agreed with our consultant that further training will be given.

The good news I received is we are now estimated to achieve 80% of our UDA target - this is an increase of 8% within one month!

I look forward to my next KPI report, as a new practice manger it’s difficult to know if you are running the practice correctly but when you can visually see improvements it highlights the fact that the practice is improving.


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