The Village Dental Centre

The Village Dental Centre is a three surgery, predominantly private practice in the heart of Patcham, Brighton who pride themselves on their core value of delivering pain free dentistry in a relaxed environment. Former professional rugby player, dentist of 12 years and now owner of Village Dental; Shane Rosier documents their transition to Software of Excellence and how he plans to take his practice performance to new levels.

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Month 4 - Integrating SOE into our practice is easily the best decision I have made!


Integrating SOE into our practice is easily the best decision I have made as a new practice owner. We had great assistance with the conversion across from Kodak R4 and excellent support over the past few months since this happened. It has certainly been hard but SOE have made it as seamless as possible in my opinion and it has definitely been worth it.

The continued learning available means that you can make the most out of this system and our own dedicated Customer Success liaison is helping us supercharge our performance both clinically and financially.

I am a big believer in KPI's/performance figures and the level of detail SOE reports produce is world apart from our last system.

Absolutely no regrets!

Month 3 - Concentrating on hitting our UDA target

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