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The Square Advanced Dental Care is a mixed practice based in Hale Barns, Manchester. With two chairs and twelve clinicians, Practice Manager Anne Eyles is determined to drive her business forward and is particularly excited about access to the KPIs needed to help shape and focus her practice. Follow Anne and her team's journey from switching software to becoming the ultimate thriving dental business.

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Why the switch?


Today I was asked by our Challenge Consultant why we made the switch to Software of Excellence. If I'm honest, it's something we had been looking into for a while but the price was something that held us back, but after meeting with our local SOE rep Natasha, the choice was obvious.

We were using and coping with a computer system that was out dated. It had hit the top of the market 10 yrs ago and just hadn’t adapted to the changing world of dentistry. It randomly decided to stop sending text messages and emails and we would only find out when the patients didn’t turn up.  It couldn’t do the things we needed. Most importantly it couldn’t find the KPI’s we needed to know to help shape and focus our practice, such as:

  • How many new patients?
  • What’s the average spend for new patients?
  • What’s our bestselling service?
  • What was our conversion rate?
  • What marketing is really working for us?

It was taking hours to trawl through the system to find even the simplest of data. Calls to the help desk for non ‘programme problem’ calls were met with ‘ you need additional training that can be booked and will cost £X amount’. 

Our first meeting with SOE

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