Your journey to greatness...

Every dental practice has what it takes to be a great business; all you have to do is unlock your hidden potential.

The Good to Great Challenge is for practice owners who are passionate about maximising the revenue potential and operational efficiency in their business, so they can spend more time doing the things that matter to them most.

Follow the journey of practices just like you as they work their way towards becoming a great business, or take the challenge yourself and start your own journey today!

Could you be the next Challenge Practice?

Software of Excellence is already helping hundreds of dental practices propel their business performance; and with a best practice approach for success developed through analysing data from over 1,500 practices, we have turned this knowledge into the ultimate challenge.

Follow individual Challenge Practices as they embark on this 12 month programme, and read the Success Stories of practice owners that are already dramatically improving the key performance indicators that lead to business success.

...and if you think you're ready to embark on your own challenge, why not join them and benefit from the same results that the top 5% performing practices are consistently achieving.

The Good to Great Challenge

The Challenge is designed to help your practice become a great business. Over the course of 12 months, our Challenge Team will guide you through a best practice methodology for success that will lead to tangible business outcomes and give you more free time to spend on what you enjoy.

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What is it?

The Good to Great Challenge is designed to really get under the skin of your business; understanding your practice and personal goals and setting a clear path in how to achieve them. Working closely with a dedicated Challenge Consultant, the Good to Great Challenge guides practice owners and managers through a 12 month programme towards business success.

Your consultant will provide best practice advice on what you and your team should be focusing on each month in order to meet your set key performance indicators (KPIs), and when to implement certain processes and modules that will help maximise your performance. You'll be introduced to new ideas, workflows and tools that all work together to create real improvements to your bottom line.

Who's it for?

The programme is specifically designed for practice owners and managers who are passionate about maximising the potential of their business. You are focused on business success, open to ideas that could improve your performance and willing to share your experiences along the way.

What do I have to do?

Challenge Practices will work closely with their Challenge Consultant; following best practice advice and implementing step-by-step strategies that will optimise business outcomes. In return, you will be asked to document your story online, share successes, challenges, and key milestones as you continue to grow your practice.

What will I learn?

  • The KPIs that drive success
  • How to set targets that boost performance
  • Best practice strategies
  • How to reduce workflow inefficiencies through automation and more...!

What does it cover?

  • Business health-checks
  • One-on-one consultations
  • A step-by-step methodology
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Access to market leading software 
  • Ongoing advice and support

Turning good practices into great businesses....

There are many factors that make up a good dental practice, but we believe that to become a great business, success falls under two core areas: financial growth and patient satisfaction. The Good to Great Challenge explores each of these areas in detail, and gives you the guidance and support you need to benchmark and improve performance.


Optimising your diary

The ability to effectively utilise surgery time is a key factor in driving revenue and optimising your time in the practice. Learn how to boost chair-time utilisation and make the most out of every working hour.


Maximising hourly rate

Maximising your average hourly rate will boost revenues without any extra time spent in practice. Learn how to increase hourly earnings and achieve your ideal treatment mix every day.


Patient satisfaction

Attracting new patients whilst keeping the ones you have is the key to long term success. Learn how to effectively promote your services to potential new patients and increase treatment uptake and satisfaction across your existing patient base.

Success stories

From automating the recall process to boosting patient value, read the latest updates from our Challenge Practices as they make their journey from good to great; filtering right down to the most important challenges that you face as a practice.

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