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Smile Manchester are a mixed practice in the heart of Manchester. Practice Manager Michaela joined the practice in January 2017 along with three new partners to the business. Previously working on R4, Michaela and her team are keen to delve deeper into the practice data and are looking forward to finding out more about Software of Excellence's performance management capabilities.

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Month 1 – already a lot has changed!


Since my last blog a lot has changed at the practice… Our first KPI report with our consultant has flagged a lot of improvement, as well as some areas in which the practice still needs to improve on.

Since my first blog the practice has improved its décor and fully transitioned to ‘Smile Manchester’, including a brand new sign that has now gone up outside the practice. Since this has gone up we have really seen an increase in enquiries and had a significant uplift in private treatment.

The major improvement we have seen this month is the increase of booked appointment (we have reduced this by 48% compared to this time last year!) as well as managed to get our chair utilisation time up to 77%. We are also now using Mypractice Cloud to help with the management side. Our practice manager can access the MPC daily / weekly/ monthly which also gives the practice figures on failed appointments, income related and workflow compliance statistics.

At the present time the biggest shock to the practice is that from our tracker we look like we are going to only meet 72% of our NHS target which is a daily worry, but having this information to hand means I can act quickly and not have the January - March rush.

I am looking forward to the future with EXACT and also we are now getting ready to send our first promotional campaign to all patients so I will keep you updated!

Pre go-live - our practice goals

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Month 2 – Getting into the swing of things, despite the glitch!

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