The Square Advanced Dental Care

The Square Advanced Dental Care is a mixed practice based in Hale Barns, Manchester. With two chairs and twelve clinicians, Practice Manager Anne Eyles is determined to drive her business forward and is particularly excited about access to the KPIs needed to help shape and focus her practice. Follow Anne and her team's journey from switching software to becoming the ultimate thriving dental business.

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Month 1 - seeing a difference already!


We are now 5 weeks in and already seeing a pickup in treatment plan acceptance, appointment book filling and referral management. As part of the system set up the program has emailed and contacted patients we hadn’t seen in a while and boy are we busy!

Looking forward there is still much to do in the programme to completely bespoke it to our needs but it’s not painful to do and we can do it gradually. Over the next 12 months with the help of my customer success consultant I hope to see at least a 10% increase in turnover, 95% occupancy and 100% communication.

Our first meeting with SOE

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