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Smile Manchester are a mixed practice in the heart of Manchester. Practice Manager Michaela joined the practice in January 2017 along with three new partners to the business. Previously working on R4, Michaela and her team are keen to delve deeper into the practice data and are looking forward to finding out more about Software of Excellence's performance management capabilities.

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Month 2 – Getting into the swing of things, despite the glitch!


Now a few month’s into using EXACT and I couldn't be happier, the help desk go above and beyond to help all member in staff in need.

At the start of our journey with EXACT, a computer technician came to the practice to help with the installation of the software, as like any dental practice we got chatting and he asked who my IT company was I explained unfortunately the practice never had an IT technician prior to takeover and I'm not sure which company to contact.

The gentleman advised me to speak with a company called Microminder and discuss a possible contract with them, and I have to say, this advice was worth its weight in gold, as just a few days later we suffered a ransomware attack on our computer.

The practice was very lucky and thankfully it did not affect our EXACT software. Microminder worked on our systems from 8.00 AM into the evening daily for a week to get us back to normal and despite the problem not being software related, we had a call from our Good to Great Consultant to ensure everything was OK.

Month 1 – already a lot has changed!

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Month 2 – Understanding our KPIs

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