Elwood Family Dentist

The Elwood Family Dentist is a small private practice, conveniently located just minutes away from Melbourne's CBD. Their primary dentist, Dr Lew Steinberg, is a third generation dentist and has been practising for more than 30 years. The Elwood Family Dentist practice was established in 2010, prior to this they had a clinic in St Kilda. The Elwood Family Dentist team are very committed in providing their patient with the highest professional dental care. With their spa-like environment and friendly service, they want all their patients to leave each visit with a great experience.

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Month 4

Veronika Jankusik

This month we have seen an increase in chair-time utilisation of 10%, an increase in workflow compliance of 3%, a decrease in short-notice cancellations by 25% and a massive 80% increase in new patients, hooray! Revenue has continued to be steady since the beginning of the year, by focusing on our recall effectiveness and through following up on our care manager list we should start to see some growth.

Sam our Good to Great consultant suggested we should pay some attention to boosting our Google and Facebook reviews. This has been a recurring topic in our staff meetings, so it was great to have Sam's input. Together we created an email template to send to selected patients, with a link to review our practice. Previously we were only verbally communicating this with our patients. In one month we've already had 4 new reviews as opposed to our average of 1 per month.

Bring on month 5!

Month 3

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Month 5

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