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Smile Manchester are a mixed practice in the heart of Manchester. Practice Manager Michaela joined the practice in January 2017 along with three new partners to the business. Previously working on R4, Michaela and her team are keen to delve deeper into the practice data and are looking forward to finding out more about Software of Excellence's performance management capabilities.

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Month 4 - Hitting 88% workflow compliance, but now drilling down into more specific targets

Marianna Jendrolova

In the last few months the practice has achieved a great deal, from increasing our workflow compliance, chair-time utilisation, and UDA predictions. We have welcomed a new member of staff to our very busy practice.

The KPI reports that we go through with our consultant help the management team highlight areas which require attention and following each KPI report we set new targets for the month ahead. The targets are discussed with the team using a flip chart and brain storming sessions, I also find that this boosts staff moral as they have more of an input into the practice progression.
Although we are now at 88% workflow compliance(!!), our FTA rate is still a bit of struggle to combat therefore we have implemented telephone calls for patients who do not have an email address or mobile contact number.


We are welcoming a clinician back to the practice in February 2018 following her maternity leave and I have started the planning and preparation of this by ensuring she is fully trained and up to speed with the practice’s progression and new procedures. My Customer Success Consultant has talked me through the SOE Customer Portal which has hundreds of blogs and videos to help us utilise different features within EXACT, so I will be setting time out of my diary to go through this both for myself, and the team. We also talked about the Academy Online for more in depth training so that’s something we’ll look into if needed.

Month 3 - Making little tweaks that make a big difference

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Month 5 - Reducing our short notice cancellation rate from 7.5% last month to 1.9% this month

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