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Located in a leafy lane just off Exeter city centre, Barnfield Dental Studio is an award-winning mixed dental practice; co-owned by husband and wife team of dentists. Follow Dalene Theunissen and husband Ruan Kriel's journey as they embark on making the switch to Software of Excellence and begin their journey to greatness

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Month 4 - Team focus on workflow compliance


4 months into the programme and we’re now looking at ‘fine tuning’. Most of the staff have started to get the ‘hang’ of the new system and we can now see our increase in private revenue and also the reduction in debt and FTA’s.

We had a little reception meeting to talk about how individuals use the system and what works for them so that we could all take tips from each other. We discussed the changes we needed to make in bookings and using the work flow so that it will be more of a true reflection of the management of the practice. The reception staff were all enthusiastic because they could see the benefits of the new system starting to work. They especially liked the fact that they can email or text a patient directly from the patient’s file and found it to be a great attribute with a much better ‘paper trail’ of patient communication.

The plan is now to embark on the marketing aspects and we have booked for a discussion in December.

Month 3 - Jumped to page 1 on Google!

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Month 5 - Focussing on short notice lists

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