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Located right in the heart of Perth, Dentist @ Perth's friendly, experienced dental team offer a range of dental services including teeth whitening, dental implants, active maintenance and prevention, anti-wrinkle treatment and lip fillers and emergency dental. They are currently working on rebranding the practice and transitioning into a whole new premises this year, with the aim of opening up an additional room with a full-time dentist. Practice Manager Megan La Reservee is excited about joining the challenge and the year ahead.

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Month 6


As a practice that is currently recruiting for a new dentist to work alongside our dentist Vera, it has been clear that we have faced some challenges with our patient recalls for the past few months. Upon looking into the data deeper with our challenge consultant we found that our previous associate was not discussing the future appointments with the patients prior to their departure. 

We know that the best way to retain our patients is by ensuring they always leave with their next appointment booked, but we need to ensure our dentists are starting that conversation for the handover to reception. When we have our next dentist start, this is something we want to set as a standard from the start.

With Vera back from her 4 week break we feel the practice is really ramping back up with activity and we're going to be ensuring we're following up on our outstanding treatments and implement some automated treatment follow ups to assist with this. It's great to see throughout June we managed to pre-book 50% of our recalls as the past few months that had not been the case, still progress to be made but we are happy with the result.

Months 2 and 3

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