Barnfield Dental Studio

Located in a leafy lane just off Exeter city centre, Barnfield Dental Studio is an award-winning mixed dental practice; co-owned by husband and wife team of dentists. Follow Dalene Theunissen and husband Ruan Kriel's journey as they embark on making the switch to Software of Excellence and begin their journey to greatness

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Month 9 - Our Saturday training session


On Saturday we held a training session as really needed to ensure everyone was using the software correctly. It went really well and the feedback was promising from the reception staff. They were all enthusiastic to increase the productivity with using the system as effectively as possible. We spoke about creating uniformity in our approach (most of my reception staff are part time) and we also gave job specific tasks to each receptionist.


Month 9 – Needing a focus on SNC’s

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Month 10 – Close to the end of our challenge

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