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Located right in the heart of Perth, Dentist @ Perth's friendly, experienced dental team offer a range of dental services including teeth whitening, dental implants, active maintenance and prevention, anti-wrinkle treatment and lip fillers and emergency dental. They are currently working on rebranding the practice and transitioning into a whole new premises this year, with the aim of opening up an additional room with a full-time dentist. Practice Manager Megan La Reservee is excited about joining the challenge and the year ahead.

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Months 2 and 3


We initially focused on streamlining a few processes for our practice and ensuring some of the basics were optimised before moving forward. A recalls and reminders specialist checked over the automation of our recalls and reminders to ensure we are truly maximising the efficiency of our communications and made some small changes. As a result, our failed-to-attend rates have averaged 0.6% since.

Now that we have complete visibility over how the business is performing we'll be able to start targeting certain areas that need improving on and working with our challenge consultant to tackle these as they come up. 

Month 1 - What are we aiming to achieve?

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Month 6

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