The Square Advanced Dental Care

The Square Advanced Dental Care is a mixed practice based in Hale Barns, Manchester. With two chairs and twelve clinicians, Practice Manager Anne Eyles is determined to drive her business forward and is particularly excited about access to the KPIs needed to help shape and focus her practice. Follow Anne and her team's journey from switching software to becoming the ultimate thriving dental business.

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Our first meeting with SOE


After being slowly driven to madness by our previous software we realised it was time to change... and along came SoE in the form of Natasha. I swear it was like an angelic glow surrounded her!! Now having used SoE 5 years ago I thought I knew it but I was wowed by how much it had developed in that short space of time.

From a business point of view it was a no-brainer.

Why the switch?

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Month 1 - seeing a difference already!

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