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Smile Manchester are a mixed practice in the heart of Manchester. Practice Manager Michaela joined the practice in January 2017 along with three new partners to the business. Previously working on R4, Michaela and her team are keen to delve deeper into the practice data and are looking forward to finding out more about Software of Excellence's performance management capabilities.

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Pre go-live - our practice goals


We are looking to improve our recalls - before taking over the practice, there was no recall system in place, I worked at getting one set up which I did and it worked for a week then stopped working. I now cannot send letter recalls and my current software helpdesk will no longer help me in trying to fix this.

We want to reduce the amount of gaps in the book and hope the recall system will help us to do so. We are also going to start offering more private work at the practice and the owners specialise in something different so we would like to target those patients.

We have made some small steps to try and achieve this and I'm hoping SOE will help with this also as I'm only one person I rely greatly on my computer software so am looking forward to the go-live with EXACT.

Why did we switch?

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Month 1 – already a lot has changed!

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